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We have some movement on TERMINATOR 5!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

We all know that there is going to be another TERMINATOR film (despite McG's best efforts to kill the franchise) and now we know the studio that is likely to distribute it.  The Wrap is reporting that Skydance and Annapurna Productions are in early negotiations with Paramount to distribute the next TERMINATOR film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to return and at one point Justin Lin was going to direct but had to drop out to complete FAST AND FURIOUS 6. That was when production was supposed to start earlier this year, but now that production has been pushed back and Lin has excluded himself from FAST AND FURIOUS 7, it is unknown if he will come back. He would certainly be a step up from Jonathan Mostow and McG.

The producers have already hired Laeta Kalogridis (AVATAR) and Patrick Lussier (DRIVE ANGRY; DRACULA 2000) to script the fifth film that they now hope to have in production next year. 


The other thing that is interesting about this is that they only have until 2019 until all of the rights of the franchise revert back to James Cameron. Are they going to try to get multiple films out in that time? Are they going to give us the big, grand finale we all want? 

I wonder where they are even going to go with this fifth film and how they are going to work Schwarzenegger back into it. If they were smart, they would create a multi-film arc that would be the definitive end to the war between man and machines. It sounded like McG tried to do this, but he failed so miserably in the execution of the first film that it killed any hope of continuing in his vision. (I still find it amazing that he was able to get a bad performance out of Christian Bale.)  

I don't really know what to expect with this. On one hand TERMINATOR 2 is one of the films I have watched the most in my life and I have always had a deep love for the franchise and mythology that Cameron created. On the other hand, I was so damn disappointed in TERMINATOR SALVATION that I was ready to give up on the franchise altogether. It seems as though Cameron is the only one who knows how to get a good film out of this franchise.  

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