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UPDATED with JUSTICE LEAGUE information: How excited is Warner Brothers for MAN OF STEEL!?! So much so that they are fast tracking MAN OF STEEL 2 with Goyer and Snyder returning!!

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UPDATE: Deadline has updated their original story to include that the deal Goyer signed was not only for MAN OF STEEL 2 but also the eventual JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. He will write both films but not direct. What we don't know is what will come first and if they are just throwing away Will Beall's reportedly awful JUSTICE LEAGUE script or if Goyer is going to be working from it. I imagine Goyer is going to do his own thing but if WB is insistent on meeting that 2015 release date, who knows?

Original story follows:

This isn't too surprising but Deadline is reporting that it is now official, Zack Snyder and David Goyer are both returning for MAN OF STEEL 2 and they are fast tracking it. Christopher Nolan will also be returning but will have a minor role and they will probably just use his name to sell the movie. I imagine that instead of the JUSTICE LEAGUE film WB was trying to get off the ground for 2015, we will be getting MAN OF STEEL 2.

MAN OF STEEL right now is tracking around $100 million for its opening weekend, and as good as I am hearing it is the word of mouth should keep it going for a few weeks. WB needs this to be a big money franchise after both Nolan's Batman series and the Harry Potter series have ended. I will be seeing it with most of you, Thursday at midnight but some of the AICN writers have already seen it and they all have been extremely positive on it. It seems like this one is going to be a big crowd pleaser with a ton of action (so everything SUPERMAN RETURNS wasn't).  The embargo lifts in just a couple of hours and we will have some reviews on the site then, so check back here. 

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