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Outstanding shot of The Winter Soldier from CAPTAIN AMERICA... oh, you know...

Hey folks, Harry here...   This is the best shot I've seen from the set of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER - of the second half titular character.  This was popping around, but the original shot didn't quite expose the detail that I could tell was in the pic, so I played with it a bit, did some sharpening and man - I think this shot just looks great.   I mean, he ain't just whistling Dixie.   He's focused and the bionic arm is real damn cool looking here.  Love the tracking marks which will aid the digital effects guys to do their magic.   I really can't wait to see him fully realized.   Looking damn spiffy Marvel!

Finally tracked down the proper credit: 

"Photo by Brian M. Lumley Photography, Cleveland, Ohio"

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