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Sly & Arnold's ESCAPE PLAN poster has been seen & we have it!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Our source spotted this over on the IMDB forums and sent it to me to share with all of you good folks.   It's the poster for ESCAPE PLAN, the film that puts Arnie and Sly up on screen with the likes of Sam Neill, Vinnie Jones, 50 Cent, Vincent D'Onofrio and Jim Caviezel.   Mikael Håfstrom is directing - and I really enjoyed his film 1408 with Sam Jackson and his 2003 film EVIL aka ONDSKAN is pretty incredible.   However, THE RITE did not provide the right stuff to me.   But I do like this poster and I wonder if it is a representation of the cells they have in the film or a really nifty poster design.   Hopefully we'll be seeing a trailer shortly, here ya go:

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