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A Moment Of Silence For SPORTS NIGHT

Hey, all. "Moriarty" here. No pithy opening for this one... just an observation. This sucks.

“Sports Night” will not be producing new episodes for Showtime, HBO, or anyone else.

New York Daily News staff writer Eric Mink reports that Aaron Sorkin, the creator and regular scripter of the sitcom, has effectively rejected a $37 million, 44-episode order for the highly-acclaimed series, which was cancelled by ABC weeks ago.

Sorkin has apparently decided that scripting almost every episode of two weekly series simultaneously was too much for him, and Showtime wanted him to maintain the same level of involvement that he maintained while the show was at ABC. Sorkin will now concentrate his efforts on his other brainchild, NBC’s equally acclaimed but more highly rated “The West Wing.”

"I'm thinking about how to get [“Sports Night” regular] Robert Guillaume on 'The West Wing,'" Sorkin tells Mink.

Sorkin is also expecting his first child in November.

Mink’s piece in the Daily News can be found here.

Thanks to Coax spy Lee Skallerup for the heads-up.

I warn you not to defy me!

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