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Check Out These Snazzy Images From The MAN OF STEEL Production Book!


Beaks here...

Warner Bros was kind enough to send over a flash drive resembling a crucial thingamajig from Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL today. The flash drive contained excerpts from the forthcoming production book MAN OF STEEL: INSIDE THE LEGENDARY WORLD OF SUPERMAN. Studios are in the habit of sending out nifty little tchotchkes like this to promote their movies, and they generally don't merit a story on the website, but some of these images are so cool that I had to share them.

Most of these pictures speak for themselves. I'd add a little context to the last one, but I saw the movie last Thursday and must observe a very strict embargo. So give these a looksee, and know you've got a little over a week to go until you get to check out the movie for yourself. The book streets on June 18th.

Man of Steel Book Supes


Man of Steel Book Krypton


Man of Steel Krypton Council


Man of Steel Fortress of Solitude


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