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Penelope Cruz will probably be the next Bond girl!!!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

Yahoo UK is reporting that Penelope Cruz is probably going to end up as the Bond girl in BOND 24 (title subject to change). She is pregnant right now, but is due any day and BOND 24 will be shooting next summer, so the schedules are lining up. The article mentions that the BOND producers have been trying to get Cruz for years now, and the schedules just haven’t worked out. They have been in talks for a long time now for BOND 24, so I would expect this to happen. Sam Mendes is returning to direct BOND 24 and likely 25 after that, as the conclusion to the Daniel Craig era.

I think this is a great choice for the next Bond girl and Cruz will make the role her own. She has a ton of charisma, and it will be fun to see the chemistry between her and Daniel Craig develop. I also love the way this new set of films has redefined the Bond girl role. Eva Green as Vesper in CASINO ROYALE started it all, and she became more than the typical Bond girl to Bond. So much so, that Olga Kurylenko didn’t have any big romantic scenes with Craig in QUANTUM OF SOLACE. SKYFALL went back a little bit to the traditional Bond girls of the past, but I loved the interaction Naomie Harris had with Craig, and the way they treated her character. I hope they continue to push the envelope a little and keep modernizing the definition of a Bond girl.

I know the Bond purists are going to hate me saying that, but I think that is a big reason this version of Bond has become so successful. They have modernized the series, and they need to continue to push that forward. I think Cruz as an older, wiser companion to Craig will do that. (Also, it’s pretty cool that she is married to the last Bond baddie, Javier Bardem.)

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