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Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage and Milla Jovovich are all in "advanced negotiations" for THE EXPENDABLES 3!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

Lionsgate CEO, John Feltheimer, told analysts this morning that Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, and Milla Jovovich are in “advanced negotiations” to join THE EXPENDABLES 3. This isn’t a done deal yet, but we have heard most of these names before in regards to EX3.

I really hope we get Cage as an eccentric villain to match up with the rest of these guys. We also know that Jackie Chan has said before that he would only do an EXPENDABLE film if his role was much bigger than some of the cameos we have seen in the first two. It will be nice to see Snipes on the big screen again, as he has had just two theatrical films in the last 10 years. And hopefully, Jovovich will have a decent and kick ass role. I know Stallone has previously said that Mickey Rourke will be back also, so this is lining up to be the biggest EXPENDABLE cast yet.

I enjoyed the first two films, but I realize they are flawed and I really hope this third one finds the right balance between the tones of the first two. The first one took itself a little too seriously and the second one just tried too hard in some spots to be funny. Hopefully, this third one will find a good position between the two and have a lot of the humor of the second one with the seriousness of the first one. I really do like the choice of Patrick Hughes as the director and he will be given enough room to make a decent film here.

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