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That rumor about Sony selling SPIDER-MAN? Don't you believe it for a second!

Hey folks, Harry here...   about an hour ago a rumor came up in the AICN Bullpen - this link - which takes you to a COMIC BOOK MOVIE story that seems to say Sony may part with SPIDER-MAN.   Then goes on to speculate about how Spidey would become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   

With a rumor like that - I decided to just contact Amy Pascal at Sony, she's co-chair of the whole Sony Pictures Entertainment.   I dropped her a quick link to ComicBookMovie's story and asked if there was any truth to it.   To be honest, I was expecting to just get a "LOL" because seriously - in this day and age, what fool would get rid of a Marvel property?  Well, about 15 minutes later, Amy Pascal was on the phone and the word denial isn't strong enough.   Amy said that she would "Never ever ever" let go of SPIDER-MAN.   She feels the property is directly tied to her legacy and time at SONY.  Not just that, she is really thrilled by the work on the new film.

SO - folks - SPIDER-MAN's home looks to be SONY for a long time to come.   


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