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Christopher Nolan maybe, could be, might be, directing the next BOND film!?!?!

Hey Yo! Draven here.

This might destroy the internet, but The Daily Mail is reporting that director Christopher Nolan has been approached to direct BOND 24. The report also says that early talks are underway between Nolan’s people and the BOND producers. So if true, the interest appears to be mutual. This is all very early and unconfirmed but if this happens it would obviously be huge for the BOND franchise, as they have traditionally stayed away from big name directors (Spielberg).

Right now there is no hotter director than Nolan and he is a self professed lifetime BOND fan so this isn’t that crazy. He has openly expressed his desire to helm a BOND film several times and it appears it is closer than ever to happening. The BOND producers knew they were going to have a hell of a time topping SKYFALL and when they weren’t able to get Sam Mendes back they had to do something to make a splash with fans. There is no bigger splash they could make than getting Nolan to direct the next installment in the longest running film franchise of all time, so you can bet they are probably doing everything they can to get him onboard.

Hopefully, we will hear confirmation on this news one way or the other soon. Nolan is gearing up to shoot his next film, INTERSTELLAR for release next year and there is no word yet on a targeted release date for BOND 24 but stay tuned.

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