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UPDATED With 'The Name of the Doctor' S7 FINALE PREQUEL!! The Friday Docback Has A 'Nightmare in Silver'!! Glen's Spoiler-Free Minireview Of Neil Gaiman's DOCTOR WHO S7 Adventure!!


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Glen here...

 ...with a brief look at Nightmare in Silver, the newest installment of DOCTOR WHO Season/Series 7.  More on this below, but first...





This week's installment, perhaps Glen's favorite episode to date, features Ken and Glen discussing...

** The greatness of the BILL & TED movies...

** The awfulness of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE and its fucked up sequel...

** How current technology has dated even recent films...

** Is current DW being hampered by its running time?

** Is current DW the victim of behind-the-scenes politics which result in show makers (directors, DoPs and such) who may not be the best folks for the job?  

** IRON MAN 3 

** The quality of 3D in theaters, the industry's forced migration towards the format, and the pervasive lack of quality control in theaters using the process...

**  And MORE...

Can be found HERE!  


Last week's show, featuring The Crimson Horror, Ken & Glen pondering the 50th Anniversary set photos seen below, IRON MAN 3 & it's fucked-up, shoddy international versions, and Glen sending Ken into a nervous breakdown by asserting that TRANSFORMERS isn't a particularly lofty concept when one really thinks about, can be found HERE!  





DOCTOR WHO S7 - Nightmare in Silver poster  

Given that Neil Gaiman scripted this one,  it’s not surprising that NISquickly emerges as one of S7’s more interesting and fanciful installments.  It never soars to the heights of The Doctor’s Wife - that award-winning, Gaiman-scripted S6 adventure featuring a personification of the TARDIS - nor does it try to do so.  Nightmare is very much content to do its own thing - and does it enjoyably, albeit unevenly.   

Alas, for every ‘out of the park’ awesome moment herein - there are also sequences which feel like they’re falling short.  Rushed...or not as well-realized as they might’ve been.  Resulting in a mixed bag whose whole is generally agreeable, but also frustrating at times.  

What do I mean by “Nightmare is very much content to do its own thing”?  By this I mean:  NIS simply does not care that it is a follow-up to Gaiman’s much-lauded S6 story - it doesn't try to match it or best it, nor should it necessarily.  It’s a wholly different beast.  At the end of the day, there’s a ‘kids in a sandbox’ mentality to this episode which is both a charm and a hindrance.  At times, Nightmare literally feels like children role-playing on someone’s backyard playscape:  “I’m the General!” ...“I’m the monster!”...and so forth.  This is not an altogether inappropriate vibe for DOCTOR WHO, and it’s hard, if not impossible, not to find at least some affection for such wondrous imagination and enthusiasm.  On the other hand, such playtimes are generally thin on substance and purpose - and I’d argue that these same conditions are present here.  There’s a lot going on in Nightmare in SIlver...but the for a few moments involving the Doctor and Clara’s relationship...feels a bit hollow and fluffy.  And not always logical.  An example:  there’s one Cyberman here who does something special - but what happens to that ability?  And why don’t more Cybermen do the same thing?  Perhaps I missed a detail, and if so...please feel free to address the matter in discussions below.  But if I’m right?  Well, there you go... 

DOCTOR WHO - Nightmare in Silver - New Cybermen

Between leaked on-set photos, BBC’s own publicity material, and general scuttlebutt, it’s no secret that we’re introduced to new Cybermen this time around (a previous model also appears).  Their IRON MAN influence is more evident when they’re in motion than in the still photos which we’ve seen on The Net over the last few months.  Derivation aside, the suits look great and move nicely - and are a step in the right direction in terms of Cyberman evolution.   

In previous Docbacks I’ve mentioned my reservations about how the Cybermen have been approached by DOCTOR WHO in general - my line of thought being:  with the immense resources the Cyberfolk have at their disposal, I find it difficult to believe that their technology, capabilities, and physique would not have evolved more substantially over time - it’s like they started out in “X” place way back in the Hartnell era, changed a bit here and there for a few years, then pretty-much stopped.  That we’d have Cybermen who are more or less the same Cyberdudes we saw decades ago doesn’t make much sense to me when one considers how radically our real world has changed (technologically) over the past ten years alone.  Smartphones, smart TVs, ultra-light/super-fast laptops, electric cars, the ability to access a breadth of human knowledge while sitting on a shitter in McDonald’s, staggering medical breakthroughs.  The list goes on.   But upgrades to Cybermen - a more advanced lot to begin with- feel incremental, if they exist at all?  When their civilization is all making themselves and others better?   Perhaps this might be a plot for some future DOCTOR WHO story:  the Cybermen are dying-off due to their slowness in adapting and upgrading.  Could make a startling parable for real world human foibles.   

Come what may, these new suits are a good start - but they still represent more of an aesthetic upgrade than a conceptual growth.  For my money, the Cybermen need more of both, still. 

A tip of the hat to Warwick Davis (the LEPRECHAUN movies, the HARRY POTTER films, and Wicket the Ewok in the STAR WARS tales RETURN OF THE JEDI, THE EWOK ADVENTURE, and EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR), who brings an earnest and intriguing gravity to the proceedings.  

DOCTOR WHO - Nightmare in Silver - Warwick Davis

I’m guessing there will quickly be calls to see his character again, whether it be in spin-offs, books, audios, or the series proper.  I wouldn't mind as much.  I wouldn't mind that at all...


DOCTOR WHO: Nightmare in Silver transmits this Saturday May 11 on BBC America, BBC One, and Space.  




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