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Robert Redford spoils some of Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Robert Redford was chatting with The Straits Times and threw out a bit of a spoiler regarding the upcoming Captain America sequel. There's been some talk about how accurate the quote was and if we're misinterpreting it, but from what I hear from some friends in and around Marvel there's nothing tricky about it. It's Robert Redford and he just don't give a shit and went ahead and dropped a legit piece of spoilerific news.

This bit that he dropped is pretty big, so if you don't want to know then it's time to click away now just knowing that Redford will probably be having a very uncomfortable call with Marvel brass today.

When talking about his career Redford mentioned that he took the Captain America gig because it offered him a chance to break from his normal role and play a villain. Considering the fact that he's playing the head of SHIELD that's probably not exactly telegraphed at the beginning of the movie and will be a big twist within the movie.

That turn also sets up Avengers 2. When you have a team of brilliant scientists, monsters, soldiers and gods backed by an all powerful intelligence agency with an unlimited bank account there doesn't seem to be much that could pose a real threat, but if SHIELD becomes corrupt then the Avengers might just have a real challenge on their hands.

So, that's the news. In my opinion it's a fantastic step towards stacking the deck against Marvel's best and brightest as the Marvel Film Universe continues to unfold over the next few years.

-Eric Vespe
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