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Awesome Preview Samples Of Hans Zimmer's MAN OF STEEL Score!!




Water Tower Music has posted an assemblage of 60 second track samples from Hans Zimmer's forthcoming MAN OF STEEL score.  

The score CD will be issued in two variants, including this deluxe edition which includes additional tracks (with intriguing track listings like MAN OF STEEL: Hans' Original Sketchbook, General Zod, and Earth).  Said CD releases June 11 - a few days ahead of the picture's June 14 bow.  

I really like what I'm hearing - fully acknowledging that it is no small task to follow in John Williams' iconic footsteps.  I appreciate that Zimmer has apparently tried NOT to do so, instead opting for something organic to Snyder's vision and aurally unique.  Looking forward to hearing more.  

Hans Zimmer's soaring trailer music - some of which are interlaced with the samples above - has also been brought online by Water Tower, in its entirety.  You can find it HERE.  



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