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Rom Ro takes in a screening of THE PERFECT STORM

Hey folks, Harry here and man... I'm really jazzed to see PERFECT STORM. Tonight I saw TITAN AE, and in advance of the film, I was talking with some "line people" about the upcoming decision that they would be faced with. You see, in Austin, next Thursday there is a sneak of PATRIOT and PERFECT STORM.... and faced with that choice, I was curious which film they would choose. Father Geek instantly said, THE PATRIOT... this makes complete sense given that he is a nut for American Revolutionary History. But the other two... both women.... said PERFECT STORM. My choice isn't fair since I have already seen PATRIOT, and I haven't seen this one... my duty is to see this one next, though I am dying to see a final print of PATRIOT with John Williams' score in place. This is the big battle of the summer. PATRIOT and PERFECT STORM... here's what one geek like you and me thought of the film... we don't know that much about...

Dear Harry,

I was compelled to write again after having seen a screening of Perfect Storm in Warner Bros. screening room. The print that I saw was nearly finished with minor CGIs to be completed.

Let me tell you that this is THE summer movie. I went to the screening with a so-so expectation and came out with all my fingernails bitten off. This is also the first movie that I've seen in a long time where the actual film is better than the trailer. The effects in this film is unbelievable. It literally puts you in the middle of the storm. It reminded me of "Twister" but much better done and much more frightening. I loved just about everything in this film. Performances were universally EXCELLENT. Characters felt real (Based on true story) and I was really into them. But what really did it for me was the storm effect. I loved it since it was something that I had never seen/experienced before. The effects and drama were so intense that I was exhausted upon viewing.

I've been disappointed with all the summer films so far, but not this one. "Perfect Storm" is the perfect summer movie. Make sure you go see this film in a theater equipped with a good sound system. I will definetly be in line to board the Andrea Gail again.

Besides being THE summer movie, I predict that the DVD, when released, will be the new reference disk in audio.

Rom Ro

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