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The Final Trailer Before Release For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Is Here!

Nordling here.

After all the trailers, the images, clips, posters... in a way it feels like STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has been released already.  I've never seen so much promotion for a STAR TREK movie before.  Paramount really wants this to do well, of course, and I want a kickass, great movie.  I've liked everything I've seen so far, although I wish J. J. Abrams would just come out and say who Cumberbatch is playing.  But you know what?  I admire him for "embracing the mystery."  That trailer for CATCHING FIRE the other day was a perfect example of setting up the stakes without revealing too much, and if Abrams is trying to bring us back to those days of wonder, then I'm all for it.

I really dig the new trailer, and this looks to be our first glance at Cumberbatch's ship, and WOW.  Is that... what I think it could be?  All will be revealed soon.  Great trailer.  Here it is...

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS opens next month around the world.  Can't wait.

Nordling, out.

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