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Will the REAL Jack Ryan please stand up' SUM OF ALL FEARS

Hey there cuddily bear, Harry here. Ya know, typically I try to stand far and wide away from some of the 'campaign issues' that come up in fandom... but ya know what? This was a case where... dammit... the people are right. I remember when Harrison Ford took over the Jack Ryan franchise, I felt it was an unnecessary deal... I loved Alec Baldwin in the first film. I liked how Baldwin didn't feel like an action hero, but like an analyst... which really... that's what Jack Ryan is. When I got the letter from Admiral James Greer regarding his idea to build a campaign to 'bring back Alec Baldwin', my initial thoughts were... "Yea... Riiiight, that's an easy pitch... replace Harrison Ford with Alec Baldwin, there's no way that'd happen!" But ya know what... there is a way. First, let's look at the numbers:

The Hunt For Red October - 120,702,326 domestic with only 59 million (negative + prints and advertising costs)

Patriot Games - 83,216,364 domestic, but with 76 million (negative + prints and advertising costs)

Clear And Present Danger 122,010,252 domestic, but with 73 million (negative + prints and advertising costs)

As you can see, besides the money brought in... the big difference is in costs. There seems to be a 14 million to 17 million dollar difference. That cost is almost all, if not all, Harrison Ford's paycheck. I loved PATRIOT GAMES, beyond just as a movie, it was the last film I saw with my mother before she died. But I didn't care all that much for CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER... BUT... THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER ruled the friggin earth. I say... bring back Alec and McTiernan and Poledouris and have at it. Let's see some Jack Ryan doing his thing! And with Alec... you can afford a really strong supporting cast as well!

I'm writing hoping to start some sort of campaign to bring Jack Ryan back to the screen with Alec Baldwin. If Sean Connery did it in 'Diamonds are Forever', I think Baldwin should be given the same courtesy. I think if word starts spreading that Tom Clancy fans want the original Jack Ryan back, Producer Mace Neufeld will have a much better time deciding who will fill the shoes. This franchise is much too valuable for those involved not to consider this. I mean Baldwin's gotta be available and cheaper, give him the $8 million (how much is that worth in movie money nowadays?). Ford did a great job but he's moving on, I think so should we. Baldwin is such a talented actor and the part suits him to a tee, I think he deserves a second shot at the brass ring. What do ya think?

Adm. James Greer (aka John Patrick)

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