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"Wanna fight?" Nicholas Winding Refn follows up DRIVE with another round of ultra violence. Check out the Red Band trailer for ONLY GOD FORGIVES!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I've noticed a bit of a movie geek backlash against Drive. You guys. Can't we just enjoy getting ultra violent, precisely made slow burn character pieces without having to figure out if someone else likes it too much? Nicholas Winding Refn made a flick we've been wishing someone would make for a decade. It's a style of storytelling and the type of lead character that would have felt right at home in the heyday of '70s filmmaking.

So I'm not going to join in with the ironic "people like this, so I must hate it" movement. I'll be over here quietly enjoying the film and maybe not so quietly foaming at the mouth for Refn and Ryan Gosling's follow up: ONLY GOD FORGIVES. It's not a sequel, but it feels like a tonal continuation based on this newly released red band trailer and the the little bit of the movie I got to see at Cannes last year (read about that here).

The Red Band isn't as crazy violent as I was hoping it'd be... in fact it's one of those red band trailers that feels like it's just a couple small tweaks away from being approved for all audiences, but still it introduces us to this new world Refn and Gosling are about to unleash on us.


-Eric Vespe
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