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New production art for PHASE 2 Marvel flicks arrives! Winter Soldier and Cap fighting + very Star Wars-ish feeling GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY pieces!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Phase 2 of Marvel’s world domination begins in a few short weeks when Iron Man 3 smashes into cinemas with some bangin’ classic rock guitar and by the time we’re through Phase 2 things are going to get weird.

I love seeing the movie trends swinging back to science fiction and space fantasy once more. It’s pretty clear that’s our lot as our superhero movies turn to the stars and that galaxy far, far away wakes from its slumber once again.

I’m fine with that, personally. Having blazed through the new run of Guardians of the Galaxy fairly recently I’m pretty stoked to see James Gunn’s take on those characters, especially with the production art that popped online today, which has a very Star Wars feel.

Below you’ll find three Guardians of the Galaxy pieces showing off giant spaceships, a crazy sci-fi lookin’ city and the group hanging out at a bar that looks like it’d be quite at home in the dredges of Mos Eisley. Also, for good measure, there’s a concept piece that shows us what poor ol’ Bucky Barnes looks like as Winter Soldier (bionic arm intact, I see).

I first saw these over at Latino-Review.




Once again it seems like Marvel is bravely and boldly leading the way here. Can you imagine how great of a geek world it would be if DC and WB got their shit together and we had both cinematic universes developing like this at the same time?

-Eric Vespe
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