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The Vulcan Vault: THE BLOOD OF HEROES (1989) - Directed And Written By The Scritper Of BLADE RUNNER, UNFORGIVEN, And TWELVE MONKEYS!!

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John Ary here with another installment of The Vulcan Vault...

Today our friend Rockie explores the extreme sub-genre of post-apocalyptic sports films. At first glance 1989's The Blood of Heroes looks like a Mad Max ripoff, but this movie strives for something much different. Think of it as an NFL underdog story, but instead of the pigskin, shoulder pads and stadiums, these futuristic athletes sport dog skulls, chain weapons and layers of dried blood. Welcome to the world of the "juggers" as envisioned by the guy who penned the screenplays for Blade Runner, Unforgiven and 12 Monkeys.

The Blood of Heroes is available on DVD and currently streaming on Amazon. If you want to see more episodes of The Vulcan Vault, be sure to subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel and check back in here every Tuesday.

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