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Captain Kirk And The Gorn Step Back Into The Arena In This Brilliant Commercial For STAR TREK: THE VIDEO GAME!


Beaks here...

"Arena" is my all-time favorite STAR TREK TOS episode. The Gene L. Coon teleplay offers both a deftly constructed commentary on the stupidity of war, and, ironically, the most viscerally satisfying throwdown in the show's history. It's Captain Kirk against a representative of a lizard-like race called The Gorn. Even if you don't know the original STAR TREK series all that well, chances are The Gorn will ring a bell.

So who better to corral in order to sell the new STAR TREK: THE VIDEO GAME than the OG Captain Kirk and his old, scaly sparring partner! I really, really love this.


I used to have The Gorn action figure back in the day. I'm pretty sure our basset hound ended him.

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