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Now for a real poster, PACIFIC RIM's Japanese Jaeger is introduced... COYOTE TANGO!

Hey folks, Harry here...  That one WOLVERINE poster with the Ninjas may seriously be one of the worst posters I've seen in the photoshop era.   And the ENDER'S GAME doesn't really pull me in...  but this Jaeger poster from PACIFIC RIM of Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger...   well it really makes me feel like the end is not here.   This along with that REWIND THIS poster on Annette Kellerman's article today...  they've put a bit of a smile upon my round head.   There has been a test screening of PACIFIC RIM - and I hear we'll all be losing our minds over THE BATTLE FOR HONG KONG...   and a certain nerdy producer that was at the screening seemed to indicate that San Francisco is in imminent danger once the opening credits roll.   Now - here's a poster:


Coyote Tango

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