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"Game On, Cocksuckers" - The Red Band Trailer For KICK-ASS 2 Does Indeed Kick Some Ass!!

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If you're going to start gaining awareness for the KICK-ASS sequel, you might as well come out of the gate with a red-band trailer that shows off all the things we loved about the first film, making it so much different than all the other superhero movies being made. Courtesy of MTV News, we've got our first look at KICK-ASS 2, which looks to still harness the same tone of its predecessor while kicking up the scale a bit as all sequels do (complete with superhero identity crisis as well, i.e. SPIDER-MAN 2, SUPERMAN II, etc.), thanks to new director Jeff Wadlow. 

It's strange to see Chloe Moretz getting all grown up in front of our very eyes, but that's not going to stop her from beating on some villainous ass and dropping some verbal filth. It lacks the same punch as seeing her pull out the same tricks in her younger form, but it's still Hit Girl, who absolutely stole the show the last time out. I'm really digging Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars and Stripes and that accent he's wielding as well as the debut of the Motherfucker. 

KICK-ASS 2 gets here on August 16, which feels way too far away right now. 

KICK-ASS 2 Teaser One Sheet

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