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All The New Trailer For Malick's TO THE WONDER Needs Is Love!!

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You know when you get a new film by Terrence Malick, you're going to get something beautiful and something that will give your brain some exercise over the next couple of hours. Whether or not you like it is almost irrelevant, because either way, you can respect Malick's films for at least trying to say something of meaning, and then for stirring something inside of you enough to have a real opinion on the film. There are no "meh" thoughts on a Malick picture. You usually either really love it... or realy don't. I get the feeling we'll find ourselves in that same position in mid-April when TO THE WONDER sees a release in NY and L.A. before expanding wide.

Magnolia Pictures has released the new trailer for the film (via Entertainment Tonight), and I think it's pretty safe to say that it's all about love love love. Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko fall in love and begin to start their live together, when Affleck starts to rekindle something with his childhood sweetheart, played by Rachel McAdams. Javier Bardem plays a priest in the midst of a crisis of faith, so I imagine unconditional love on a spiritual level will factor in as well, because we can't have a Malick movie without it trying to get a whole lot deeper than just what's on the surface. 

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