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Smits lands a small role in SW #2 and 3

OK so this isn't a cutting edge scoop, I (Father Geek) am posting it for the benefit of our readers that DON'T have the time to surf around to all the different film sites out there on the web. Actually Patrick over at CA ran this by us here at AICN before it went up on his site and then instantly everywhere else, but, Stone me if you like, Father Geek was waiting for some more info to expand it into a story not just an unconfirmed sound bite, however it seems no expanded story is forthcoming. This DOES seem to be fact not rumor though, any way here is what is KNOWN at present...

OK folks Edgard here.. Ozymandias knows everything... I don't know how he can keep an eye on ALL the websites of the... well... web, but he keep sending me info, after info, after info... never stops, never rest... it's the Terminator of Internet. Anyway... here's another funny rumour on Star Wars... I know at AICN we love SW's rumours just because then Talk-Back is going crazy... people will discuss if TPM was good or crap, if Anakin is cool or not, whatever anyway... Here's Ozymandias :

SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


According to a reliable CA source, ex-"NYPD Blue" actor Jimmy Smits has been secretly cast in both Episode II and III of the upcoming "Star Wars" prequels!

The character's name is not yet known, but it seems as though he'll appear briefly in Episode II (with screentime about the size of Sam Jackson's in Episode I). The character will then have a significantly expanded role in Episode III.

With principal photography on Episode II beginning within a month or so, it won't be long before Lucasfilm officially announces the cast, thereby confirming or denying the Smits rumor and putting out the flames of speculation fun.

Father Geek here again, Here's Patrick's original notice to AICN Headquarters. As you can see the later stories from around the internet are all just reprinting his E-mail's original content. Nothing else has been learned really.

Harry, etc...

I rarely do this, but I feel the importance of this piece of gossip is important enough to pass on to you all. CA's running the story that Jimmy Smits (yes, he of NYPD Blue fame, but I prefer LA Law myself) has been secretly cast in a role that'll have him starring in STAR WARS 2 as well as STAR WARS 3. I don't know the name of the character yet, but according to my source, Smits' deal is done and only requires a few days of filming. However, his role in SW3 is much larger and will require more time from the actor. I trust my source and his credibility, which I outline on the CA STAR WARS 2 page.

Details are on If Lucas is serious about shooting this film starting next month, there should be some kind of casting announcement fairly soon, you think, right? Well, this is Lucas...


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