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Yo Joe! Two new GI Joe: Retaliation TV spots appear online!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Paramount is ramping up their well-oiled publicity machine as GI Joe: Retaliation finally readies for release. I'm not a fan of the first one, but The Rock with a giant gun leading the squad and being a badass is a good sign that this flick is taking it up a notch. That and the whole "Cobra taking over the White House" angle.

Two new TV spots have appeared for the big budget actioneer and I've included them both below. They're obviously big fans of the slow-motion leaping motorcycle rocket gag since it's in both spots.

I hope this one ends up as fun as the promo materials are making it out to be.

Now these two spots should play back to back in the same window, but if they don't I've included embeds of both.


-Eric Vespe
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