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The Vulcan Vault: Tim Conway and Ice-T In THE LONGSHOT (1986)!!



The Vulcan Vault - The Longshot


John Ary here with a new weekly video segment that I hope you like.
The knowledgable folks at my favorite locally-owned video store and I are teaming up to find the strangest flicks and forgotten gems in their vast collection of movies. To kick off the new video series, we've pulled a Tim Conway tour de force that features the dad from Blossom giving a fish mouth-to-mouth, a dog that likes to go for the groin, and an opening title sequence duet performed by the oldest man in the world and a young Ice-T.

The Longshot is available on a double DVD with another Tim Conway comedy They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way. If you like this video, check back in every Tuesday here at AICN as we continue to explore Vulcan Video's tremendous backlog of rare and odd titles. Also, keep an eye out later in the week as we launch another new video series from a group of movie lovers out of Canada.
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