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Simon Pegg says JJ Abrams WILL do STAR TREK 3 on Red Carpet of the BAFTAS! Then clarifies on Twitter...

Hey folks, Harry here...   When the announcement went out regarding JJ Abrams directing STAR WARS Episode VII, there was a collective feeling amongst Trekkies and Trekkers alike that we wouldn't get to see JJ complete his Trek trilogy now that he has 'graduated' to a galaxy far far away.   Well, this red carpet interview with Simon Pegg ends on an off the cuff answer to that very question by the great Simon Pegg - and he believes that JJ will absolutely return to complete his STAR TREK Trilogy.   I certainly hope so.  But I do wonder if that is even possible.   I mean, given the publicity that JJ has garnered for simply accepting the directing gig on STAR WARS 7 and the non-firm date of 2015, though we're hearing 2016, I am curious...  how he could do a 3rd STAR TREK before 2017 or 2018, and would PARAMOUNT put STAR TREK in mothballs till then?  

BTW, I love that we get to have conversations like this.   It's just such a wonderful time to be a film geek in my estimation.   It's like the folks wondering if Joss Whedon will get FIREFLY back on the air now that he's annointed by the world at large?   Oh such ponderings, Ain't it cool?


UPDATE:  Simon Pegg recently tweeted the following - so there goes that.  Giggle:

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