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Warner Bros preps epic Roman Empire vs. Han Dynasty flick THE LOST LEGION

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Warners wants more 300-style action and that's saying something since they have 300: Rise of an Empire already on the books.

The Lost Legion is the title of this new movie, which is being scripted by Kurt Johnstad, who wrote the screenplays for both 300 films, and is all about the might of the Roman Empire clashing with China's Han Dyansty warriors. Recent evidence has uncovered that such a battle is historically accurate.

The story follows Roman prisoners of war who were sold into slavery in the region no known as Mongolia and freed by Chinese warriors trying to defend themselves against the Han Dynasty.

So while it sounds a little more Seven Samurai than 300, we're still in for what could be a pretty sweet epic period battle flick.


-Eric Vespe
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