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Did Jim Hill crack TOMORROWLAND? If so, there could be an epic reason for its secrecy! The Truth is Out There!

Hey folks, Harry here... I love film history. In all my years of doing AICN, I've met a lot of different film experts, a great deal of which have been virtual relationships. Jim Hill of JimHillMedia.Com is one of the oldest and dearest sources of cool news regarding Disney film and its themeparks. Today he's written an update to his site that proposes a theory about Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof's TOMORROWLAND, formerly known as 1952.

His entire theory comes out of that 1952 box... but also conversations he's had with the wealth of Disney dignitaries over his time covering that beat. He goes into Disney's MAN IN SPACE series, which was something they had the complete cooperation of the U.S. Government for, as Jim tells us, Disney had been working with the Military and the Government throughout WWII. In fact, Walt used those relationships to help guarantee his leg up over the rest of the industry in regards to all manners of deals. But apparently Ward Kimball, the brilliant Disney animator and part of Walt's Brain Trust... well Ward apparently had a story he used to tell. Click on this link and then watch these:

OK - so if you're with me down here - you've just watched some amazingly cool DISNEY animated-pseudo-futuro-science.   What Jim talks about as being that FOURTH film, the film that would tell the American people that UFOS ARE REAL...  and that the box labeled 1952 could very well be that box.  

I bought that BOOK 11 that Jim links to Amazon for and I'll be getting it to read over the weekend, because I love this sort of stuff.   The reason X-FILES worked on me so well was precisely because I love the notion of government secrets and realities behind the one we know.   That in the 1950's the government approached Walt to prepare us...  MY GOD!  How far did they get?  What all is in that bleeding box?   As for Lindelof saying it isn't about ALIENS...   Could it be about UFO's?   Could it be that UFO's have nothing to do with Aliens, but possibly time travelers or dimension hoppers? I don't know, but I thank Jim Hill profusely for writing up his story - cuz right now I'm imagining George Clooney playing a U.S. General working with Disney Animators to unveil the truth to the American public as a base notion...   but wondering, it is called TOMORROWLAND - and what if they were to crack open one of those things and what if someone took a trip...  would that be to TOMORROWLAND?

With Damon and Brad working on this - and the notion that it could really play with everything we think we know...  Right now I find myself wanting to watch the special feature on the eventual Blu Ray that has a second disc with everything in that box on it.   I love this sort of thing, don't you?

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