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A promo trailer for Warner Brothers' HARRY POTTER!

Hey folks, Harry here with a look at a short little 4 minute tape that features the first inside Warner Brothers piece done on HARRY POTTER. You see, a tape like this is used to get merchandisers and promotional partners on board to scare up some of that big money. You know.. to get people like MacDonalds or Burger King or PepsiCo or Coke or... well, you get the idea. Unless someone leaks the tape to the outside world, or Warner Brothers actually gets fired up and launches this baby on their HARRY POTTER site... this is likely to be the only glimpse of this tape we'll see. SO here we go...

Hello there Harry,

Long time reader, first time scooper. I live and work in Burbank, California and most recently a video tape has landed on my desk: THE MAGIC OF HARRY POTTER, a four-minute Warner Bros. tape for "internal use only". The tape begins with a POV shot as we fly through a magical forest by moonlight (this is all CGI, of course), we come upon a castle door, it opens and we're in a chamber where a hefty, leather-bound book sits on a podium. Now, over this, Linda Hunt is narrating, talking about a place of "wonder" and a "wizard boy" and so on...anyway, the book opens and takes us to the meat of the tape which is a montage of interviews with children, Rosie O'Donnel, various reporters all talking about the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. The montage ends with newspaper and Variety headlines reading how Warner Bros. has snatched up the rights for the film and Chris Columbus attached to direct. The tape concludes with some more Linda Hunt narration and the magical book closing as we are taken back through the door and out into the woods and over the trees. The final line of the narration being "In the year 2001 magic will happen" and we cut to black.

Interesting stuff, eh? I thought so.

You can call me


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