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Bob Iger confirms standalone Star Wars to be made concurrently with the new trilogy!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Hot on the heels of Harry's very interesting article yesterday regarding the Star Wars spin-off films following established Star Wars characters (most noteably Yoda), we get Disney's Bob Iger on CNBC talking about how awesome Disney is as a company and how much money it's making... and confirming that they are currently developing the Star Wars one-off films.

He's a little cagey about it, but said that both Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are writing stand alone films. Plural. And each film will be "derived from great Star Wars characters."



What this means... It means that Zack Snyder Seven Samurai rumor wasn't so far-fetched (in fact, I heard that Snyder's been talking about that being his dream job for years) because they're not waiting until the new Trilogy is finished before going into production on those.

Each film surrounding a known character is interesting and I get the value in that (who doesn't want to see a standalone Boba Fett film?), but I was kind of hoping these standalones would explore the vast galaxy beyond what we've already seen.

Who knows, maybe we'll get both. But there you go. Exciting news nonetheless!

-Eric Vespe
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