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CG CAPTAIN HARLOCK Update Planned for Fall 2013


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Column by Scott Green


Back in 2010, Toei showed off a pair of CG proof of concepts for remakes of space opera Captain Harlock and mecha Gaiking. In spring 2011, we heard that Harlock was in progress, planned for 2013. Gaiking resurfaced last December with news that Gale Anne Hurd's (Terminator, Aliens) Valhalla Entertainment and Toei Animation have signed on with All Nippon Entertainment Works.  Now it's Harlock's turn with confirmation of a fall '13 launch.


Appleseed's Shinji Aramaki will be directing the updated version of legendary space opera manga author Leiji Matsumoto's  skull emblazoned, iron willed hero with military fiction/Gundam Unicorn writer Harutoshi Fukui on the script. Toei Animation has slotted a record breaking $30 million budget on the project.


earlier anime versions of Harlock






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