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Watch a New Exclusive Trailer for South Korean Blockbuster THE THIEVES!

Well Go USA just sent over this exclusive trailer.

The Thieves hits Blu-ray and DVD on 12 February here in the US.

Thieves is a heist movie that finds two teams of thieves (one from South Korea and one from Hong Kong) going after a big score in Macau. The cast is packed with Korean and Hong Kong stars, including Jeon Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl), Kim Yun-seok (The Chaser), HK badass Simon Yam, and actors from loads of other well-known movies like The Host, Thirst, and The Eye.

It is very Americanized, glossy, and mainstream, none of which are bad things in this case. It's been a massive success in South Korea, and is loads of fun. I did a Tugg on-demand screening of it here in Austin on rather short notice and managed to competely pack the biggest theater at the now-being-renovated Alamo South Lamar.

Amazon has it for preorder for $15.


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