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Download THX Tune-Up (iOS App) While It's Free!

Apple nerds, grab this while it's free in the App Store

THX's new app costs $2 starting next week, and is made to turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into a home theater calibration device.

What's the upside to this over the THX calibrator on various DVDs and Blu-rays? You can use the phone/tablet's camera to do color and tint calibration instead of shelling out for blue filter glasses (which aren't cheap or easy to come by).

You can calibrate video via AirPlay and an AppleTV, but to do sound you'll need Apple's iPhone/iPad to HDMI adapter.


In case you don't have one of these adapters and need to know what to get:

For newer Lightning connector devices, like the iPhone 5, newest iPod touch, iPad mini and iPad 4, this is what you need.

For the older 30-pin devices (everything else), you need this.

The adapter allows for display mirroring (in the event you don't have an AppleTV), so you can watch and play stuff from the iPhone/iPad on the TV.


iOS haters, bring it on in the Talkbacks!


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