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Could Star Wars: Episode VII be pushed back from its announced 2015 release date?


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know we've run a whole lot of Star Wars stories recently, but you're going to have to forgive our excitement. We have Episodes 7-9 coming, a reliable geek director at the helm, a good gallery of writers hard at work and Lucas in the background, his advice and treatment materials guiding the way. It's the perfect mixture, even for a jaded prequel-hater like me.

With JJ Abrams being announced late last week, the initial rush of news and excitement is over, but now the nit-picky examinations of the offiical statements have begun. The Hollywood Reporter's story on the announcement has a little nugget of interesting information buried at the very end of the article that I wanted to discuss.

The Kim Masters piece at THR says that she's been hearing that while Abrams has signed on, he has not agreed to the 2015 release date Disney announced when they purchased Lucasfilm.

You may remember Abrams fought Paramount on the Star Trek sequel, which they wanted to be released last year, so if he thinks he needs more time to develop the movie that could very well see Episode VII move to 2016.

I'm torn on this. As a geek, I want the movie now, now, now (read in Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln voice), but more than that I want a good movie. I'm so tired of being embarrassed of being a Star Wars fan. I'm tired of the endless arguments. I just want my beloved Space Opera to be the thing that unites geeks again, not divides them. If Abrams needs that extra year to not rush out some slapdash movie, then I'd rather he do it that way and force me to wait for something good.

This is speculation, of course, and Disney will certainly want to get their $4 billion+ investment back as soon as they can, but it's worth adding to the discussion.

-Eric Vespe
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