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Schwarzenegger Confirms He'll Be Back For TERMINATOR 5!!

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It's been long assumed that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a part of TERMINATOR 5. After all, it was his name being shopped with the project as part of a package with director Justin Lin when Megan Ellison first scooped up the rights. However, there hasn't been much motion on the first of at least two films that were planned until last week when Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier were tapped to co-write the next chapter of the franchise, so would Arnold still be involved with KING CONAN and TRIPLETS and a couple other projects on his docket, potentially clogging up his schedule and availability?

Arnold says yes, with Bleeding Cool reporting that Schwarzenegger himself stated at the London junket for THE LAST STAND that he'd be appearing in the next TERMINATOR. And you know that, if TERMINATOR 5 is going to happen, there is no way an opportunity to include the original T-800 is going to be passed up.

So at least the next TERMINATOR has that going for it right from the start...


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