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EDGARD has just returned to Paris from his mission to the Spanish seaside and Barcelona, a place Harry and I hope to visit when we're in Spain checking on The Devil's Backbone and other projects the 1st week of August, but for now all FATHER GEEK has is the Euro-AICN report for today...

Hello everyone... Edgard here, back from beautiful Barcelona (sea, sun, sangria & other life pleasures...), with three different news that, I believe, could not wait for our Euro AICN #12 next Monday... First a short news on HARRY POTTER's casting (brought to us by Ozymandias); then something on Alejandro Amenabar's THE OTHERS (thanks to Tom Ripley for that one)- things you already knew about that one, and more.


The young British star of new movie DANCER is set to scoop one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood - the lead in the first HARRY POTTER film. Jamie Bell, 14, has been asked by producers of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" to try out for the main role after impressing them with his performance in "Dancer", which debuted at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL last week. And "Dancer" director Stephen Daldry believes Bell's got what it takes to make it big in the movies. He says, "Jamie has the charisma to hold the whole movie. He also has the special gift of being able to dance well enough to be trained by the Royal Ballet School." Auditions for the Harry Potter film, to be directed by Chris Colombus, are already taking place at schools across Britain.


It was announced last Thursday 18th,on the SER, the most listened radio channel in Spain, that the cast for "The Others", the next Alejandro Amenabar's film, was going to be formed by Nicole Kidman as the character Grace, Christopher Eccleston ("Jude", "Elizabeth"), the young Elaine Cassidy ("Felicia's Journey") and the veteran English actress Fionnula Flanagan as their servants and two child actors, a boy and a girl, absolutely unknown, which will play Grace's sons roles.

The story will involve a mansion placed on an island near the English coasts, towards the end of the Second World War. Grace, having recently widowed from her husband, killed in the war, retires there with her sons. They will live alone there until she needs to contract a group of servants to take care of the kids. Something strange has happened to them, because Grace's sons are now unable to see the light of day, and certain rules have been imposed to live in the house such as clossing certain doors. The arrival of the servants will accidentally break the rules and something evil begins to occur... The cost of the movie is said to be $20 M., will be produced by Cruise/Wagner Productions and Miramax will take international distributions.

On a related side note Kidman, Amemabar, Guillermo del Toro, and some others were spotted in a Madrid restaurant having a animated conversation the other night. One of the hot subjects of conversation according to Euro-AICN's lovely informant was none other than Harry Knowles and AICN. COOL!!!


We received this odd news from an AICN reader about a possible writer for BATMAN 5... this is a story published on the British SFX magazine website about the eventuality that Richard Kelly could well be "the 25-year-old writer of the next Batman movie." If you read the full article at : you will see that SFX itself is very cautious as Kelly is relatively unknown.

So here we are, AICN readers, seeking your opinion on this... some of you might know more, some of you might have the key, and some of you could also not give a damn shit about the next Batman.

If you want to have Edgard's opinion, here it is : I have no idea who's this Richard Kelly... I just know that Batman is a great character that Schumacher totally destroyed... so whoever writes the script of the next film should better be careful not to bury the dark knight for good, I don't think he could survive another "Batman & Robin"...

Thats all for now keep sending your Euro-AICN Offices all the Euro-scoops you can find, and don't forget to mail scripts, pressbooks, passes etc... to our landbased address available on the AICN contacts page.

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