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Quiet Robert takes a look at Gary Sinise in the science fiction Miramax film THE IMPOSTOR

Hey folks, Harry here. Seems like Miramax tested their Science Fiction film staring a cool cast of Gary Sinise, Madeline Stowe, Tony Shaloub and Vincent D'onofrio. Now, I saw a trailer for this at ShoWest with Moriarty that felt boring, tedious and bland. However, it had not one effects shot from ILM, and it should be noted that nearly the entire Miramax ShoWest reel seemed to be on some sort of downer... Nothing seemed alive, but perhaps this is a winner after all. We'll have to wait and see, it's directed by Gary Fleder... who is a decent director. (KISS THE GIRLS, FALCONE and THINGS TO DO IN DENVER) So for the moment, I'm a skeptical hopeful future fan of this flick...


I went to a test screening last night of the new Gary Sinise film, Impostor. This film just kicks some major butt. It's an all out sci-fi masterpiece written by the same guy who did Blade Runner and Total Recall.

Many of the elements of these movies are apparent but it does not draw you away from it at all. The whole movie is an all out chase after Gary Sinise's character who is a scientist living in the future thought to be an alien acting as him, ala impostor. His wife, played by Madeline Stowe is a doctor in a hospital in the city. Tony Shaloub(the cabbie from Wings or more recently the calm engineer in GalaxyQuest) joins the cast and even though he doesn't have a big part it's still cool. After a couple of minutes of character establishment in the beginning in comes Vincent D'onofrio who is an esa detective(like fbi), pursues and the shit hits the fan. It's just non-stop action with some awesome shots that looked like they were right out of the future wars in T2, alas no endoskeletons.

There were a couple of unfinished shots though, which there always are, but nothing that bad except for one at the end where they do a passover of all the domes the people are supposedly living in. It was just unnecessary.

Anyway I can't wait till it comes in the theater to see it again. Even though there were a couple of things I would have changed, like some or all the stupid jokes should go, this movie rocked big time. I think will be a huge hit.

Silentb0b (aka Quiet Robert)

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