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Arnold to possibly start shooting the next CONAN in 2013!!! Now With VIDEO!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Ol John Ary filmed the entire epic Q&A that I did with Arnold tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse's Slaughter location - and at one point in the Q&A - I just had to nail Arnie down on Conan.   It looks like it will be made with UNIVERSAL as an A film.   The writers are working on it.   Arnold has convinced UNIVERSAL to go after an A-director - who?  We don't know.   He did mention that they are seriously considering shooting the next Conan film in New Zealand or "in Jackson's country" as the Austrian Oak put it.   Even better - he assured me that I would be there - and when he said it...  all doubt left my body.   Because he gave me those eyes...  you know... the kind that usually comes right before he kills everyone with extreme prejudice.   He also mentioned that he's working on TRIPLETS and another TERMINATOR.   Folks - as film geeks we are living in a time when Arnold, Bruce & Sly are all doing great and making movies together and having fun.   Jackson is doing his HOBBIT films, Disney is starting up STAR WARS again  and well...  we all heard about JURASSIC PARK 4 today.   Arnold doing CONAN as an A level fantasy epic involving the older Conan.    This is what is good in life....  OH!   And someone asked Arnold that question and Arnold answered... I love a great geeky audience.  Arnold is back, check out THE LAST STAND and you'll agree!

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