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UPDATED Another big Godzilla update hits! A new, awesome geek writer involved?!?

UPDATE - Quint here again with a mini update on Godzilla's production. Sources tell me the exact date production starts is March 14th and filming will take place in Vancouver and Hawaii. Locals might want to be on the lookout for giant footprints, destroyed building, mobs of running Japanese businessmen and signs using Godzilla's working title "Nautilus." Original story below!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with another Godzilla update. Mike Fleming at Deadline confirmed Drew McWeeney's scoop last night, but only that two of the original producers are indeed leaving, although it might not be on the best of terms.

That inside baseball stuff isn't all that important to me, but Fleming did drop a rather large bomb that noneother than Frank Darabont has been hired to write the latest draft of the script. A Darabont scripted Godzilla film? How in are you because I'm totally in.

What do you folks think? Only good news for the creative side of all this, right?

-Eric Vespe
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