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New High Res Images From STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Bring The Cool!!

A buncha new images from STAR TREK INTO DARKESS are appearing online.

To be completely frank, I'm a bit confused about the exact sourcing of these shots - although they appear to be enlargified versions of pics which appeared in Empire.  But I wasn't finding 'em at Empire.  As such, we'll go ahead and point to our friends over at Collider - you can click any shot and jump to their gallery of further, EMBIGGENABLE pictures.  High Res of the same can be found HERE

Sure did love the 9 minute INTO DARKNESS promo which ran in front of some IMAX screenings of THE HOBBIT.  In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that footage made THE HOBBIT seem a tad tepid and geriatric by comparison.  I'm sure you'll debate that point endlessly, and crucify me fully, in the Talkbacks below.  







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