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STAR TREK Fan's Dying Wish To Come True?

"Monty Cristo" here.


When I saw this story on various outlets today and yesterday, I was tremendously moved. I don't know the actual guy in question, but am friends with a number of his friends.

The short version is that this guy's body has been ravaged by cancers, and he is in his final weeks of life. His friends have made a desperate plea to get his dying wish to the ears of Paramount and JJ Abrams: he wants to see the new STAR TREK movie before he goes.

To see them get a Reddit post propagated across much of the geek sphere so quickly is wonderful. Now we've heard that JJ Abrams himself got on the phone with this guy's wife yesterday, and plans are in motion to show him whatever they can.


This is a great bit of geek goodwill to hear about as we close out 2012, huh? Fandom can be a pretty great thing, despite what some might tell you.


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