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Kevin Smith Is Heading Back To The Quick Stop One More Time!!

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We really shouldn't be surprised by today's announcement from Kevin Smith that he'll be doing one more CLERKS film. I was discussing Smith's claims of pending retirement with someone earlier this week, and, based on his idea of revisiting the characters of Dante and Randal for CLERKS II at a point when he had something to say about life in his 30s, it didn't seem out of the realm of possibility to me that he might do something similar as he got deeper into his 40s. 

Once Jeff Anderson signs on, things should start progressing forward in some respect, but how soon is really reliant on Smith's plans for HIT SOMEBODY. Just this week, the scope of that film changed yet again, shifting once more from a two-picture story to now a miniseries (AMC is presumed to be the home for such a project, considering their successful dealings with Smith on COMIC BOOK MEN). By Smith's own admission, he hopes to get that one shooting sometime in 2013, but is it possible that CLERKS III might take priority and delay HIT SOMEBODY even further? And if so, how are we going to get another CLERKS - as the traveling roadshow Smith's been peddling the past few years with premium ticket prices (paying $100+ to see RED STATE, even if it came with a Kevin Smith Q&A seemed a bit ridiculous), or as the traditional theatrical release? VOD perhaps even?

There are plenty of questions to be answered about this project that seemingly came out of nowhere, but, if Smith can whip up yet another Jersey tale with the quickness like this, how legit is any of his talk of retirement?


-Billy Donnelly

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