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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS teaser trailer is filled with big wows & whoas! And that JAPANESE spot? Wow! WHOA!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Yes please.  More please.   Wow.  Yes.  I'm happy.   I saw the Enterprise emerger from water...   and I'm very delighted.   It gave me gooseflesh.   I love that I still don't know what's up with Sherlock, but that's cool.   I don't have to know.   I bet his character name isn't Beatrix Kiddo though.   I feel safe in assuming that.   Whoever he is...   He's narrating the trailer and doesn't look like Ricardo Montalban.   Not to me.   And I'm not sure what he is doing in the trailer.   Is he POWERED somehow?  What is going on?   Can Not Wait to see this movie.   I hope it is as addicting as the first chapter was for me.   There's a fuller trailer coming and a big pre-Hobbit on IMAX thing - that's like 9 minutes...   and yeah, I wonder when I will be seeing HOBBIT in Imax.   I should buy tickets for that.   In fact, I'm going to go do that right now.  Enjoy the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS tease...



Then there's this JAPANESE teaser which has a bit more to it than the US Teaser...  And the "your family" bit?  Is Alice Eve playing Carol Marcus?  Will JJ and crew bring in a younger tale of woe with Kirk?   Is "David" in this film?  Is this an origin story for why Kirk was sent on a mission to go where noone has gone before?   ALL SPECULATION on my part.   That Family bit gets me though!



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