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Looks like it really could be Matthew Vaughn directing STAR WARS: EPISODE VII!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Ol Frosty at told us this...  all the way back at the beginning of all these rumors.   In fact, this has been RUMOR #1.   Well, the folks at @DIYTV in London were doing the "green carpet" interviews for 7 PSYCHOPATHS.  They talked with Sam Rockwell & Martin McDonagh, producer Graham Broadbent...  they took photos of the doggies on the green carpet...  and then they let slip this tweet:

We chatted to the lovely Jason Flemyng who pretty much let slip that Matthew Vaughn will be on Star Wars IV duties oops!

Now before you start freaking out that Disney is hiring Matthew Vaughn to direct a remake of STAR WARS...   Don't because they also tweeted this follow up:

We mentioned earlier about Matthew Vaughn's involvement in Star Wars IV When we of course meant Star Wars VII. We'll blame the cold.

Alright - so here we are with a tweet from a Green Carpet event - with an actor...  mind you, an actor that has had an incredibly close and long working relationship and friendship with Matthew Vaughn.   NOW - keep your eyes on their Twitter account to see if they actually disclose what Flemyng said that "pretty much let slip" that Vaughn is strong with the force.   

Well...  Personally, I still think that's a great choice, but what I'm curious about is this.   We know that Disney has hired Kasdan & Kinberg to write Episode VIII and IX.   Will they hire different directors for each episode or would they lock in a Director to helm all 3.   I love these rumors - how about you?


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