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DJANGO starring Franco Nero by the great Sergio Corbucci has a rerelease trailer!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  one of the things I love about the world of cinema these days is the opportunity to recognize that which has come before.   Quentin Tarantino loves cinema passionately.  Throughout his career he has not only made films that referenced the existence of a larger cinematic universe, but he's crafted that pre-existing cinematic universe into his own.   To me, that's cool.   But it seems that his titling of his latest film DJANGO UNCHAINED...  and his casting of Franco Nero in that film, has given RIALTO PICTURES the confidence to rerelease DJANGO.

Sergio Corbucci, the director of this magnificent Spaghetti Western about a man with a mysterious coffin he drags.  This film influenced Robert Rodriguez on his creation of EL MARIACHI - subbing a guitar case in place of the coffin.   Corbucci was a bloody great director.   His film THE GREAT SILENCE is still amongst my all time favorite Westerns.   Just wonderful.   

The opportunity to see a film like DJANGO in theaters again is just an opportunity that you should not miss a chance to enjoy!  This is absolutely cool.  Below the trailer you can see when and where you could see this wonderful rerelease!



Here's the re-release schedule as it exists right now:



::    Dec 21 – 27    NEW YORK,  NY    Film Forum
::    Dec 21 – 23    LOS ANGELES,  CA    New Beverly Cinema
::    Dec 21 – 27    TORONTO,  ON    TIFF Lightbox
::    Dec 21 – 22    MINNEAPOLIS,  MN    Landmark Uptown
::    Dec 21 – 27    TUCSON,  AZ    The Loft Cinema
::    Dec 28    KANSAS CITY,  MO    Tivoli Cinemas
::    Dec 26 – 27    PITTSBURGH,  PA    Pittsburgh Filmmakers - Regent Square
::    Dec 28 – 29    SEATTLE,  WA    Landmark Egyptian
::    Dec 28 – 29    HOUSTON,  TX    Landmark River Oaks
::    Dec 28 – 30 & JAN 2    MIAMI BEACH,  FL    Miami Beach Cinematheque
::    Jan 4 – 5    ALBUQUERQUE,  NM    Guild Cinema
::    Jan 4 – 5    DENVER,  CO    Landmark Esquire
::    Jan 4 – 5    WASHINGTON,  DC    Landmark E Street
::    Jan 4 – 5    CHICAGO,  IL    Music Box Theatre
::    Jan 4 – 5    MAITLAND,  FL    Enzian Theater
::    Jan 22    CLEVELAND,  OH    Cleveland Cinematheque at the Capitol Theatre
::    Jan 24    PHILADELPHIA,  PA    International House Philadelphia
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