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UPDATED! It's Official! Disney/Lucasfilm Hire Lawrence Kasdan And Simon Kinberg To Write And Produce Future STAR WARS Installments!




Beaks here...

And we've got confirmation from The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit: Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are officially signed to write and produce installments of the new STAR WARS trilogy. It's not yet known which episodes they will write, or which they'll produce, but they're definitely on board. So there you go. Kasdan is back in the STAR WARS fold!
Here's what I wrote before the news was official...


While we're waiting for word on who will direct STAR WARS EPISODE VII, Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. has an interesting scoop regarding who's in the running to write the subsequent episodes for Disney and Lucasfilm.

Though neither writer is signed yet, Fleming has learned that Disney is talking to Simon Kinberg and, get this, Lawrence Kasdan. Now, it's been a while since Kasdan wrote a genuinely good movie (and nine years since he gave us the gift of DREAMCATCHER), but who cares? If the screenwriter of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is available and willing to return to the STAR WARS universe, you let him take a crack, end of discussion. I've been pretty cool on the idea of the new installments thus far, but I'm a big enough sap to get a little misty at the thought of Kasdan writing a new STAR WARS movie.

Kinberg is a little less exciting, but he's done some solid work here and there. If they ultimately go with him, fine. But now that we know he's been approached, you've just got to give Kasdan a shot. What do you guys think?

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