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Behold New Work From SKY CAPTAIN's Kerry Conran!! With More To Come...


I've always been a huge fan of Kerry Conran's SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW.  Yes, it's imperfect, and yes its pacing could have been tweaked.  But, on the whole, the film remains a work of uncommon earnestness, breathtaking beauty, and a dazzling display of giddy, unfettered imagination.  

With this in mind, I was hugely hopeful that Conran would 'knock it out of the park' when I heard he was closing in on adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs' A PRINCESS OF MARS - a project which did not come to pass...although a similarly inspired JOHN CARTER was released earlier this year.  

Which begs the question : what's Conran up to now?  Well, check this out...

The Gumdrop video you see below...written by Conran and co-directed by Conran and Stephen evidently the first installment of a viral series which portends a larger Conran feature.  A brief press release about Gumdrop indicates... 

Via state-of-the-art CGI technology created by Concept Designer Iain McCaig (The Avengers; Star Wars trilogy) and Art Director Venti Hristova (The Avengers; Iron Man 2), the lovable Gumdrop, voiced by Venti Hristova, auditions for a part and details her history as a robot actress including her role in classic films like The Gold Rush, into which she was inserted.

So here it is...what appear be our first hints of Conran to come.  Enjoy!  






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