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There's A Bit Of Force Déjà Vu In The New Trailer For BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!!

The Kidd here...

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES looks quite impressive visually from the latest trailer released by Warner Bros., but it also looks a bit familiar as well.

A young Jedi... oh, excuse me... a witch/caster is the key to the Force... I mean, the Light and the Dark... and soon enough they'll have to choose their destiny of using their powers for good or joining up with Darth Vader... or, in this case, Emma Thompson... where together they can rule the galaxy... or wipe out mankind.

Only this time there's a more prominent love story that hangs in the balance...

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES opens in theatres on February 13 of next year. 

-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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