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Some Before/After Restoration Comparisons From The STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Season Two Blu-ray Set!!


The Blu-ray issuance of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION's second season is right around the corner (December 4 - preorder HERE!!) and we now have some lovely comparison shots demonstrating before meticulous restoration/ after meticulous restoration of a few choice episodes.  

The first season Blu-ray set of the show was a truly astounding accomplishment  - I believe I said it "set the Gold Standard for undertakings of this nature" -  so I'm hugely excited to see what the TNG Blu-ray/restroation/extras gangs have in store for us this time around.  TNG Season 2 features the intense introduction of The Borg (in Q Who) and an expanded version of the fan-favorite The Measure of a Man - I'm expecting these (and other) episodes will nicely uphold the lofty AV quality established by the Season One Blu set, and emerge as nothing short of breathtaking.  

Here are a few shots.  All images are EMBIGGENABLE...


Before restoration for Blu-ray...








That last image pretty much sums up my week.  Quite nicely, actually.  More in the coming weeks!  Stay tuned...




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